BUSINESS networking at St Paul’s Club will not the right for everyone.

The Club was founded in the mid-19th century by merchants and businessmen from the Jewellery Quarter who wanted to meet up for lunch and talk in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

Much has changed since then and in particular St Paul’s now welcomes lady members who play an active part in the life of the Club.

But the basic ideal of a place where people of like mind can meet up in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere continues.

So, those for whom business networking is an extension of ‘speed dating’ in which referrals are passed around like confetti and often with about as much value, may find St Paul’s Club is not for them.

However, people who believe that the best business relationships are built upon honesty, integrity, mutual understanding and friendship are likely to enjoy themselves.

After all, a successful long-term business relationship is more likely if we can properly get to know, like and trust the people we are dealing with.

That philosophy sits at the heart of how business is done at St Paul’s Club.

Our photograph show relaxed networking at one of the regular lunches.