The Club

St Paul’s Club is Birmingham’s oldest club founded in 1859. It comprised some manufacturers and merchants in the neighbourhood meeting daily for luncheon. It moved to St Paul’s Square in 1906. Originally a club in the classic gentleman’s sense and although we still subscribe to some of those traditional values, the club is now truly a cosmopolitan and modern organisation for both men and women.

Conveniently situated within a mile of Birmingham City Centre, offering relaxation and fine home cooking for business and professional people in a unique atmosphere of comfort and genial fellowship, fostered by the traditions of over a century of continuous existence.

  • Bridge
  • Bar
  • Golf Society
  • reading room

Hours of Opening

From 11am and during the Club’s licensed hours. The Club premises are also available for evening functions, including private functions (by special permission of the Committee and arrangement with the Housekeeper), Details of Entrance Fees, Categories of Membership, Subscription rates etc will be supplied by the Hon Secretary on request.

The Dining Room and Table

The Dining Room and the long table are the focal point of the Club and at which all joints and dishes are carved and served. The Membership enjoys not only meals but also bridge, golf and evening functions with occasional Ladies’ evenings.

A Chairman, Vice-Chairman and House Chairman are appointed weekly to officiate at this Table and all members are given the opportunity of occupying these chairs by rotation. A President and Vice-President change annually.

The Front Door

All members are allotted a key to our famous Georgian Doorway to enable them to have free access to the Club during recognised hours of opening.

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St Pauls Club Attire

Members are expected to be dressed reasonably and formally (collar, tie and jacket). It is recognised that fashions change, but members, old and young, are asked at all times to use a sense of proportion in this matter out of respect for all concerned and the dignity and traditions of the Club.

St Pauls Club New Members

A member wishing to introduce a prospective member to the Club must bring that prospective member into the Club as a guest on at least two occasions in order to be introduced to the President or Vice-President and two other members of the Committee who may be present at the time. The Member then asks the Hon. Secretary to present full details of the applicant to the Committee at the next Committee Meeting. If approval is obtained he will receive an Application Form which must be returned to the Hon. Secretary, duly signed by the Proposer and a Seconder who must of course be a Member of the Club. Notice is posted in the bar in the Club premises for support, or otherwise by the Members in general. After 14 days an election is taken by ballot by the general body of Members immediately after lunch.

St Pauls Club Guests

The Club enjoys an outstanding reputation for its welcome and hospitality to members’ guests – official or unofficial – and particularly those from abroad – all being regarded as guests of the Club as well as of the Member by whom they are introduced. Official annual guests include The Lord Mayor, on St. George’s Day, The Bishop and The Chief Constable.